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Postpress & Printroom solutions

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YAVA-IN works on the Ukrainian market since 1994 and is well-known among professionals.

The basic directions of our activity are:

  • sales of printroom consumables ;
  • sales of finishing of printing equipment ;
  • removing and transportation of printing companies;
  • integrated solutions for the packaging .

The basis of our approach to the choice of partners and distribution business is professionalism, competence, as well as custom tasks. Each of the selected program supplies brands has something exclusive, distinguishes it from similar models for other plants. We do not try to cover all market segments and focusing on the most critical to generate the final product. That is why our program of supplies is called “Postpress & Printroom solutions”.

At the end of 2015, the company is a distributor of printing and packaging equipment: AVC Sealing Solutions, Iijima, Inramik, SCS Automaberg, Tecnograf, and other manufacturers. YAVA-IN supplies consumables from Sava (ADVANTAGE printing blankets), Conti-Air, Printgraph (Finito! products), Cinkarna, Frithjof Tutzchke. We also offer consulting services and transportation of printing houses; installation; warranty and after-sales support.

In addition, the company is a leader in the segment of transportation of printing houses (over 700 units of equipment in few years). We have partners from Slovenia, Holland, Italy, Spain, Japan and Germany.