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Iijima - Manufacturers - YAVA-IN. Finishing equipment. Consumables for the printing industry (Kiev, Ukraine)


We believe that it is every silent machine sent out from our factory that speaks to our customers most eloquently about IIJIMA’s technology and policy. This is why we always concentrate on production, mobilizing all of our technology and spreading high dignity and high quality down to machine particulars. In this way, we have worked on automatic die-cutters and creasers for something over 40 years. We have created many machines which are universally renowned. Our products have the warm support forthcoming from users not only but also all over the world. Over recent years we have also been developing peripheral machines for the, automatic die-cutters and creasers, which have proved highly successful. So, with as eager frontier spirit as a technostructure, the company will remain totally committed to technology development meeting the needs of the times.

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