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Policrom Screens - Manufacturers - YAVA-IN. Finishing equipment. Consumables for the printing industry (Kiev, Ukraine)

Policrom Screens

Since 1949 a key player in the International market, Policrom Screens has been constantly renewing its line of products, broadening its client base and offering innovative solutions to the graphic industry. The Company focused on technical development and, thanks to its process know-how, innovative thinking and business vision, it has designed unique, mostly patented products. Policrom Screens has already set up a branch in the United States, has founded a third Policrom in Shanghai and is looking at BRIC countries for its further market expansion. Global competition is a very challenging opportunity for a Company like Policrom Screens, that has always been addressing the international market ( 75% of the sales are outside Italy), i.e. about 600 distributors in over 100 countries in the world.

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