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Sava - Manufacturers - YAVA-IN. Finishing equipment. Consumables for the printing industry (Kiev, Ukraine)


The company Savatech d.o.o. that was formed in 2002 when rubber manufacturing in the Sava Group was reorganised, has continued the tradition of manufacturing industrial rubber products. Savatech d.o.o. is the holder of development in the Rubber Manufacturing division, one of basic divisions which Sava has been developing in its Group. Besides the company Savatech the Rubber Manufacturing division includes the Kranj-based company Sava-Schäfer d.o.o. and Sava Rol d.o.o. in Zagreb.

In 15 years of its operations the Print Business unit has become an important European manufacturer of offset printing blankets for the printing industry, and as a part of a well-organised sales network it offers its products and services on all continents. One of the key orientations of the programme is to offer reliable quality products and provide appropriate technical support worldwide.

State of the art technology, innovation and adapting to customer specifications assure reliable quality products. The cord carcass-based construction is the main advantage of the offset blanket, which combined with its outstanding printing characteristics, assures highly reliable operation. Understanding the needs of the market and customers, continual innovations, creative marketing and a professional approach prove that the Print business unit is the right partner for the co-operation.

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