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Customer visit to Schuite & Schuite Druckfarben - News - YAVA-IN. Finishing equipment. Consumables for the printing industry (Kiev, Ukraine)

Customer visit to Schuite & Schuite Druckfarben

The YAVA-IN company continues to acquaint its customers with the world's leading manufacturers of consumables supplied to the Ukrainian market.

In October, a regular business tour for owners and managers of domestic printing houses took place. This time, the purpose of the trip was to visit the German manufacturer of heat and coldset offset inks Schuite & Schuite Drukfarben Gmbh.

High-quality heatset and coldset inks  S&S company YAVA-IN exclusively supplies to the Ukrainian market for more than 1.5 years. During this time, they were highly appreciated and introduced into production by the majority of Ukrainian newspaper and magazine printing houses.

According to Anton Neshozievsky, Commercial Director of YAVA-IN company, during the visit, in addition to a detailed familiarization with the production, a number of negotiations were held between the Ukrainian delegation and the plant managers, and agreements were reached on the future paint to key printing houses from different regions of Ukraine.

Recall Schuite & Schuite Druckfarben - the most modern and technological plant in Europe for the production of offset inks for heatset and coldset printing. The main advantage of the company is the patented extruder production technology, which allows to produce finished paint in one technological cycle. This ensures high quality and its uniformity from batch to batch, an incomparable production speed (up to 10 tons / ch.), environmental friendliness of the process. The plant uses only high-quality raw materials, independently produces the basis for paints, has its own logistics. In the supply program - printing inks with heat-drying (without a heat-set), without drying (a cold-set). Also ecological paints of the Bionomic series are made, made on the basis of 100% vegetable oils and can be used with food.


Posted on the website: 25 October 2018, 11:17

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