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«Product of the Month»

In November, the discount for the monthly promotion "Product of the month" applies to premium blanket PrintLine Extra.

PrintLine Extra was created together with one of the largest plants for the production of offset blankets, located in Germany. Designed for sheetfed printing on paper and cardboard (conventional, hybrid and UV inks).

The structure of the blanket uses two interconnected compression layers manufactured using a special SCT technology. With this design, the effect of the formation of format bands is significantly reduced and the resistance to slaughter is increased. The textile frame of the blanket is specially sealed to protect against chemicals, as well as to achieve minimum values ​​of shrinkage and tension.

The blanket is ISEGA certified for use in printing food packaging.

Special offer applies to a specific list of formats and thicknesses. For more information, please contact our company!

Posted on the website: 1 November 2018, 15:50

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