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This part of web-site contains the most popular products from our catalogue.

To make your navigation more easy, the products in catalogue are divided in two main directories:

  • Finishing equipment
  • Consumables

Finishing equipment includes the whole range of equipment for finishing processes - from cutting machines to casemakers. Consumables consits from such directories, as offset plates and rubber blankets, underlay foils, printroom chemistry.

Information is always updated.


Popular Products

This textile-based blanket was designed and formulated for extremely sharp dot reproduction and excellent paper feed on a wide range of heatset web presses. It is suitable for all kinds of coated papers for web applications. It also assures a long life service. Read more...
PEAK pen microscope 2036
PEAK pen microscope 2036
The 2036 series is available with magnification factors of 25x, and 50x. A graduation of 0.05 or 0.02 mm is integrated into the pen microscope. Read more...