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Folacoat Flexible

The compressible Folacoat Flexible meets all the demands of sophisticated aqueous coating in the commercial printing sector. Similar to flood coating where blankets are used and format underpacking is placed underneath, Folacoat Flexible does not have rigid polyester carriers, but a flexible polyester fabric layer, which fits snugly around the underpacking.

A commpressible foam ensures the degree of a compressibility recommended for the flexo process.The surface is formed by the tried and tested Folacoat polymer, which is ideal for the transfer of coatings and has a low affinity for ink build-up. This helps reduce the number of washing operations.
There are no natural fabrics in Folacoat Flexible that can be irreversibly buckled, so that extremely good thickness stability can be achieved at temperatures of up to 60°C. This type of foam reduces the risk of defective spots caused by creased sheets to an absolute minimum. Because it is also less thick than conventional blankets, it is possible to use a thicker packing. The increased relief height reduces the risk of production downtimes due to varnish build-up.
To facilitate mounting of the product, Folacoat Flexible can also be barred by your local Folex retailer if required.
Available in the nominal thickness: 1,30 mm

Construction самоклеющаяся
The thickness of the blanket, mm 1,30

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