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Сoated anti set-off powder Haco-Dry-Powder 50

The Hausleiter ranges of coated powders are starch based but have been micro-encapsuled with a specialresin

The Hausleiter coated powders are especially well suited for use in difficult printing conditions, normally found in areas with extremely high temperatures and humidity.

The coated powders wet-out in inks and are therefore suited for two-pass general litho work, as well as single pass multi color work. They provide several advantages over uncoated powders.

- controllable flow rate

- less plate wear 

- exceptionally hydrophobic resistant to moisture 

- suitable for all types of powder applicators 

- suitable for all types of work also with water based coating as a second step 

- less blanket piling 

- improved feel of work

- free flowing will not block pipes or nozzies 

- uniform grain shape

Haco-Dry-Powder 50 - сoated anti set-off powder for paper up from 170 g/m² to 300 g/m². The average granulation is about 25 micron. Features: vegetable base, uniform spraying ability, good spreading ability, anti-blocking ability. Сonsistency: powder. Odour: neutral. Colour: white.

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